Autism Is Treatable!

Autism has been seen as a lifelong incurable disorder for many years. Currently, there is a paradigm shift in the understanding of autism and the approach to managing and treating the chronic health concerns which often accompany the disorder. Two of the treatment approaches bringing about significant improvement in people with autism are treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and Biomedical treatment. Often these two treatments overlap with pediatric gastroenterologists and biomedical practitioners collaborating on individual cases.

What is Biomedical treatment?
Biomedical treatment of autism is an approach which looks at the often chronic underlying health conditions with which many people with autism suffer, and addresses the nutritional, metabolic, supplemental and medical options to improve the health of the individual. Biomedical practitioners are specially trained nutritionists and medical doctors who specialise in the treatment of autism and related disorders. For more information on Biomedical treatment, check out the Autism Research Institute webpage which we have found to be the most helpful.

In January 2010, the American medical journal Pediatrics published a new article entitled Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders in Individuals With ASDs: A Consensus Report. This article made a significant contribution to the understanding that the chronic gastrointestinal problems many children, adolescents and adults with autism have are not simply something that you find among people with autism, but real medical conditions which need to be treated, as would be done for any other person. Furthermore, this article laid the foundation for an understanding that some behaviours considered “autistic” are really expressions of pain and discomfort and that with treatment, some of these behaviours may be reduced or eliminated altogether. Please see the web link below for a review of this important journal article.

There is quite a lot of information about dietary intervention for autism online. Check out these two Fox News stories on You Tube which report on cases of recovery from autism through changes in Diet.

Biomedical treatment of autism spectrum disorders is credited for the recovery of an increasing number of children worldwide. Check out this testimonial by Mother Holly Riley who shares how Biomedical treatment helped her son to fully recover from autism.

Many people believe that Biomedical treatment of autism is only beneficial for very young children. That is definitely not true! Check out this video posted on You Tube by the MIND Foundation which shares a testimonial by a young adult on the spectrum who experienced significant improvements in her health and quality of life thanks to Biomedical treatment.

Autism is indeed treatable!

(Keep checking this page for more treatment information and autism recovery testimonials).

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