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Child SmilingWelcome to the Spectrum Possibilities website and Blog page! Here you will find information, hope, support and inspiration for families coping with autism spectrum disorders. We believe that familes all over the world supporting a loved one on the autism spectrum are united by our common experience and we invite you to share with us on our blog.

Firstly, we wish to honour the parents all over the world who have gone before us working for change for their loved ones with autism spectrum disorders. Many parent advocates from the USA, UK, Canada, South America, Australia, the Caribbean and other parts of the world have contributed to the global movement for autism awareness.

We also wish to honour the many international researchers and medical doctors who have been at the cutting edge, exploring new paradigms for understanding autism. These researchers had the courage to see beyond the old traditional approach, which says our children have a life-long condition that we need to just accept. An increasing number of medical doctors – pediatricians, gastroenterologists, neurologists etc. - and others such as nutritionists, homeopaths and those in the field of complementary medicine are treating our children and helping them heal. Additionally, many psychologists, as well as speech, occupational, vision and sound therapists have been working to advance skills in understanding and working with our children to improve their level of functioning.

In the past 10 years, celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete have shared their stories to inspire and support other families all over the world. Also, USA based charities like AutismOne, Generation Rescue and Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) and organisations such as the Autism Research Institute and the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) and others have made great strides in sharing information to help many families and professionals.

Spectrum Possibilities has benefitted from the work of all such persons who have gone before us and who continue to blaze a trail, transforming the world for families of persons with autism spectrum disorders. We honour you all and say THANK YOU!! We now choose to join in this amazing community of change agents.

We hope you will be inspired to have a vision of what is possible for any person with a diagnosed or suspected autism spectrum disorder, and we will support action towards this vision, as we work towards the elimination of obstacles to integration and promote ‘Unlimited Possibilities’ for people with autism!

Have a look around our site, make yourself at home, we’re happy to have you join us!

Disclaimer: The content on this website is the expressed opinion of Spectrum Possibilities and should not be interpreted or used in any way, as medical and/or psychological advice. Due to individual differences between people, you should ALWAYS consult with a registered medical doctor, and where appropriate, a registered psychologist, before implementing any treatment, intervention or program.
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